Luxury Car

John Robertson of Luxury Car

John Robertson of Luxury Car

Luxury Car is John Robertson. Luxury Car is, technically, electronic pop; however they don’t sound remotely like the Pet Shop Boys, Soft Cell, Sparks, Erasure, or Goldfrapp. They are not nostalgic for the 1980s, or 1970s Berlin (or 1930s Berlin for that matter). They are not industrial, or camp, or ironic, or minimalist, or Goths, or obsessed with sadomasochistic sex. Where much electronic pop music is cold, stark and hard, Luxury Car prefer warmth and poetry. If it helps at all, Luxury Car have been variously compared to Scott Walker, Pixies and the Aphex Twin.

To date Luxury Car have released two albums, Annie’s Well and When I Was Good, and two singles, The Heart of The Matter and I Play The Guitar, all on Biphonic Records.

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