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Seafieldroad: The Winter of 88

Seafieldroad - The Winter of 88. Artwork: Daniel Warren. Photo: Andrew Eaton-Lewis

Seafieldroad – The Winter of 88. Artwork: Daniel Warren. Photo: Andrew Eaton-Lewis

Seafieldroad: The Winter of 88
Cat No: BIPH12CD
Format: Limited Edition CD, Digital
Released: February 2015

  • 01. The Last House On Holland Island
  • 02. A Port In The Storm
  • 03. There Is No Authority That We Won’t Argue With
  • 04. Don’t Let The Winter Freeze Your Heart
  • 05. The World Is Just Noise
  • 06. This Road Won’t Build Itself
  • 07. Clean Pale Hands
  • 08. Findhorn
  • 09. Leave The Stadium
  • 10. The Winter Of 88
  • 11. Islands Of The North Atlantic.

From the press release:

A quietly majestic thing. As irresistible as a warm hearth on a snowy day, these songs do for Scotland’s east coast what the Blue Nile’s did for the city of Glasgow.’ – Scotland on Sunday

A genuinely poetic statement that looks out to physical seascapes and political landscapes and inwards to conflicting emotions.’ Sunday Herald

The Winter of 88 is a collection of multi-layered, lyrically complex piano songs by an artist who has been likened to ‘minimalist classical composers working on adventurous ballads for REM’ and compared by critics to John Cale, Mark Eitzel, Prefab Sprout, Virginia Astley and (most frequently) The Blue Nile.

Seafieldroad is Andrew Eaton-Lewis, singer with acclaimed band Swimmer One and a core creative on the award-winning, sell-out multi-disciplinary project Whatever Gets You Through The Night.

The physical release of The Winter of 88 is a limited edition of just 88 pre-ordered copies. The names of all the people who pre-ordered a CD feature in the climax of the album’s epic, seven minute title track.

Further information:

Various Artists: Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Whatever Gets You Through The Night album art. Artwork: Daniel Warren

Whatever Gets You Through The Night album art. Artwork: Daniel Warren

Various Artists: Whatever Gets You Through The Night
Cat No: BIPH11CD
Format Book, Digital
Released: November 2012

  • 1. Withered Hand – A New Case
  • 2. Swimmer One – All The Things That Make You Want To Disappear
  • 3. Emma Pollock – Dark Skies
  • 4. Wounded Knee And Bigg Taj – Live At The Bongo Club
  • 5. Cora Bissett – If You Dance With The Devil (You Really Can’t Complain)
  • 6. RM Hubbert – Hanging Pointers
  • 7. Eugene Kelly – Chips and Cheese
  • 8. Laura Lewis And The Teadance Orchestra – Once I’d Jumped I Was Fine
  • 9. Conquering Animal Sound – Ultimate Heat Death Of The Universe
  • 10. Ricky Ross – The North Star
  • 11. Meursault – A Kind Of Cure
  • 12. Seafieldroad – The Palace Of Light
  • 13. Errors – Embassy Approach
  • 14. Rachel Sermanni – Lonely Taxi, 2am
  • 15. Talkingmakesnosense – Set In Negative
  • 16. Withered Hand – Saint Elmo

A compilation of 16 new songs, all inspired by the hours between midnight and 4am, by Withered Hand, Errors, Meursault, RM Hubbert, Conquering Animal Sound, Ricky Ross, Emma Pollock, Eugene Kelly, Rachel Sermanni, Wounded Knee and Bigg Taj, Cora Bissett and Talkingmakesnosense, Swimmer One, Seafieldroad and Laura Lewis and the Teadance Orchestra.

Available via iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other digital retailers from Monday 4 November. The album is also released in the form of a book, containing writing contributed to the theatre show and photography taken during the making of the the album, film and theatre production. The beautifully-designed, 32-page book is the work of Studio LR and is available via

The album release is just one part of a much bigger, ongoing project of the same name, created by theatre director Cora Bissett, playwright David Greig and Swimmer One. Whatever Gets You Through The Night began with a live show at The Arches, Glasgow in June, which sold out completely before its opening night, and got four star reviews in The Guardian, The List, The Scotsman and The Herald. We are hoping to revive the show next year.

The film accompanying the project by Daniel Warren also has also been well received, and will tour in 2013 following its premiere at Summerhall during the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The cover image for the album is taken from Daniel’s film.

If you are a promoter interesting in stain the theatre show or screening the film (alongside live performances from the artists featured), get in touch.

Whatever Gets You Through the Night / Trailer from on Vimeo.

Whatever Gets You Through the Night / Trailer from on Vimeo.

Seafieldroad: Seafieldroad

Seafieldroad - Seafieldroad BIPH09CD

Seafieldroad – Seafieldroad BIPH09CD

Artist: Seafieldroad
Cat No: BIPH09CD
Format: Digital
Released: November 2011

  • 1 Cramond Island Causeway
  • 2 What Became Of Pinky And Honker
  • 3 I Just Want To Sledge With My Baby
  • 4 The Warplanes Are Blitzing The Town
  • 5 There Is A Train That Goes Thousands Of Miles Away
  • 6 You Are The Only Place On The Map
  • 7 The Coastal Path
  • 8 Walking On A Dream

From the original press release

The second album from Seafieldroad, aka Andrew Eaton-Lewis, vocalist with Swimmer One. Released on Biphonic Records.

Biphonic Records is proud to release the second album by Seafieldroad. A collection of eight complex but intimate piano songs, the album – simply called Seafieldroad – is the follow-up to There Are No Maps For This Part Of The City, which was greeted by enthusiastic reviews and widespread radioplay in November 2010.

Seafieldroad is a solo project by Andrew Eaton-Lewis of the Edinburgh-based Swimmer One, whose first two albums of multi-layered, experimental chamber pop, The Regional Variations (2007) and Dead Orchestras (2010), have established them as one of the country’s most critically acclaimed bands. Andrew’s music has previously featured in a Hollywood feature film, several award-winning short films and international theatre performances, and has received radioplay worldwide. Swimmer One have spent the past year working with playwright David Greig and director Cora Bissett on a large scale theatre project, and writing new material.

The album was produced by Hamish Brown, also of Swimmer One.