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Whatever Gets You Through The Night – album release

Whatever Gets You Through The Night album art. Artwork: Daniel Warren

Whatever Gets You Through The Night album art. Artwork: Daniel Warren

Whatever Gets You Through The Night, the album, will get a full digital release in November.

The album is a compilation of 16 new songs, all inspired by the hours between midnight and 4am, by Withered Hand, Errors, Meursault, RM Hubbert, Conquering Animal Sound, Ricky Ross, Emma Pollock, Eugene Kelly, Rachel Sermanni, Wounded Knee and Bigg Taj, Cora Bissett, Talkingmakesnosense, Swimmer One, Seafieldroad and Laura Lewis & the Teadance Orchestra. It’ll be available via iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers from Monday 4 November.

The album release is just one part of a much bigger, ongoing project of the same name, created by theatre director Cora Bissett, playwright David Greig, and ourselves. Whatever Gets You Through The Night began with a live show at the Arches in June, which sold out completely before its opening night, and got four star reviews in The Guardian, The List, The Scotsman and The Herald. We are hoping to revive the show next year.

Daniel Warren’s film has also been well received, and will tour in 2013 following its premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe. The cover image for the album is taken from Daniel’s film.

Album reviews:
“A terrific pop anthology” – The List ****

“On the evidence of the 15 acts showcased here, the rest of us may have seriously neglected the talent currently thriving north of the border.” – BBC

“a mixture of melancholy, solitude and that lucid dream state that can come with sleeplessness” – The Herald ****

“A breadth of moods as varied as human experience, combining neatly into a vivid nocturnal tapestry.”
The Skinny ****

“Everyone will recognise themselves in these heightened vignettes of communal joy and urban alienation.” – Mojo ****

New project: Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Whatever Gets You Through The Night

For the past year Swimmer One and Biphonic Records have been working on an ambitious multimedia project with theatre director Cora Bissett, playwright David Greig, and The Arches in Glasgow. We’re thrilled to announce that the results will be premiered at the Arches from 26-29 June this year.

Whatever Gets You Through The Night, as it’s now called, will feature exclusive new words and music by Swimmer One, Withered Hand, David Greig, Errors, Wounded Knee, Annie Griffin, Meursault, RM Hubbert, Rachel Sermanni, Alan Spence, Ricky Ross, Conquering Animal Sound, Alan Bissett, Emma Pollock, Kirstin Innes, Isabel Wright, Bigg Taj, Stef Smith, Eugene Kelly, Douglas Maxwell, Talkingmakesnosense, and David Ireland.

As well as the live show, there will be an album and book, a film by our long-time collaborator Daniel Warren (working with with Kim Beveridge, who is doing the live visuals for the show), and a collection of photography.

For regular updates on the project as it comes together, see the Facebook page.




Whatever Gets You Through The Night has been made possible by Vital Spark funding from Creative Scotland.

Swimmer One: Dead Orchestras

Swimmer One: Dead Orchestras. Artwork: Daniel Warren.

Swimmer One: Dead Orchestras. Artwork: Daniel Warren.

Artist: Swimmer One
Title: Dead Orchestras
Cat No: BIPH07CD
Format: CD, Digital
Released: May 2010

1: Dead Orchestras
2: This Club is for Everybody, Even You
3: The Erskine Bridge
4: Psychogeography
5: Here’s Your Train, Safe Home
6: Lorelei and Dorothy
7: You Have Fallen Way Short of Our Expectations
8: The Fakester Resurrection
9: Ghosts in the Hotel
10: All the Hits

From the press release

There cannot, surely, be many bands who find themselves compared favourably to both Belle and Sebastian and the KLF. Such is the curious fate of Edinburgh’s Swimmer One, whose experimental pop music has proved almost impossible to categorise but whose debut album, The Regional Variations, won rave reviews on its release in 2007.

Championed by Rob Da Bank, Mark Radcliffe and Steve Lamacq (among others on Radio One, XFM, 6 Music and elsewhere), this distinctive Scottish band have been quietly building a reputation for themselves since the release of their beguiling debut single, We Just Make Music For Ourselves – rapturously described by Mark Radcliffe as a ‘terrific’ blend of Pulp, Elbow, the Blue Nile and Baba O Riley by The Who.

Two years on from The Regional Variations, Swimmer One are back with their second album, Dead Orchestras. A bold artistic leap forward, it is even more dizzyingly diverse than their debut, taking in everything from the electronic art pop of This Club Is For Everybody, Even You, Psychogeography and Lorelei and Dorothy to the anthemic, guitar-driven Ghosts In The Hotel and You Have Fallen Way Short Of Our Expectations. It’s an album that finds room for both a 12-minute, three-part pop symphony (The Fakester Resurrection) and a simple, two-minute acoustic lament (All The Hits). It is even a concept album, of sorts, a collection of songs about the things we leave behind when we’re gone – as parents, as lovers, and as a species.

When not recording their painstakingly crafted albums in a studio in a disused church, Swimmer One spend their time doing remixes (most recently for the current single by Withered Hand), playing live throughout the UK and abroad, filming award-winning videos and making theatre shows. Their music recently featured in the film Spread, the first Hollywood movie by Scottish director David Mackenzie (Young Adam, Hallam Foe), starring Ashton Kutcher.

Ghosts In The Hotel from danielwarren.tv on Vimeo.