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Biphonic Records is an independent label based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was established in 2002 by Hamish Brown and Andrew Eaton, with some help from a group of talented fellow enthusiasts such as the artist Daniel Warren, who has designed all of the label’s artwork to date, as well as making several short films to accompany Biphonic releases.

The label’s first release was Swimmer One‘s debut single, We Just Make Music For Ourselves, initially as a white label in the summer of 2002. Championed on daytime BBC Radio One by Mark Radcliffe, the single went on to win enthusiastic reviews and has since featured on several compilations.

Encouraged by this success, Biphonic added Luxury Car to the roster in 2003, releasing a single, The Heart of the Matter, and later an album, Annie’s Well. Swimmer One’s own debut album, a labour of love called The Regional Variations, was released in September 2007. A second Swimmer One album, Dead Orchestras, was released in 2010, as well as an album by Swimmer One side project Seafieldroad. 2011 brought a second Luxury Car album and a second Seafieldroad album.

In 2012 Biphonic teamed up with the theatre director Cora Bissett, the playwright David Greig and the Arches in Glasgow to create Whatever Gets You Through The Night, a major new Creative Scotland-funded multimedia project in which over 20 Scottish writers and musicians were invited to create something inspired by the hours between midnight and 4am. The results took the form of a live show, a book, a film and an album.

Physical distribution is via Cargo and the whole label catalogue can be found in iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other online retailers.