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Hamish Brown

Hamish Brown. Photography: Daniel Dabrowski

Musician, composer and music producer, Hamish Brown’s style of composition developed via taking up the guitar at a young age, playing in bands and producing electronic music. He was a member of the group Swimmer One (2003-2013), co-writing and producing numerous albums, working on several theatre shows and performing live.

He has produced several albums with other artists contributed music to many film projects, including Lost Treasure (BFI Cinescore Live) and films by artist Jacqueline Donachie.

Debut album Barsini Red combines influences from cinematic composition, electronica, minimalism, art rock and jazz. It features work written for string ensemble (led by Pete Harvey) and collaborations with drummer Stu Brown and saxophonist Norman Willmore, two of the most distinctive voices from Glasgow’s jazz scene.

Photo: Daniel Dabrowski