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Swimmer One – Outliers

A 9-track compilation on which the band revisit and remaster eight non-album tracks, a process that has led to their first new song since 2012, Twenty Years Too Soon, Twenty Years Too Late.

John Robertson – The Atomic Facts of Love

The Atomic Facts of Love is the debut album by John Robertson, a collection of songs laced with longing, romance, cynicism and hope. Taking in ambient electronica, full-voiced torch songs and blissed-out reverie within its varied palette, the album is threaded throughout with Robertson’s nakedly confessional lyrics of love, struggle and humanism.

Andrew Eaton-Lewis – After All Of The Days We Will Disappear

After All Of The Days We Will Disappear is Andrew Eaton-Lewis’s debut album. It is also his sixth album, his 44th album, and probably his final album. Since 2018 Andrew has been living on a former RAF radar station in the Outer Hebrides, along with his family, chickens, a small flock of rare breed sheep, and a sheepdog.