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Luxury Car: The Heart Of The Matter

Luxury Car - The Heart of the Matter
Luxury Car – The Heart of the Matter

Released: Mar 2004

Cat No: BIPH04CD

  1. The Heart Of The Matter
  2. Out Of Focus
  3. The Miracle Year
  4. In The Event

Press release

‘You might half the house but I’ll unite the world
So what’s the matter tonight? Why do we sleep so light?’

John sings. He is lanky and awkward, but with the cheeky, wry humour and edgy stage presence of a young Bernard Sumner. With better cheekbones. Willy, his brother, is a big bear of a man who makes beautiful, exciting, unexpected sounds with a theremin and a laptop. Louise, their ‘token bird bassist’ and occasional trumpet player, has an on-stage half-smile that suggests she knows something you don’t know and that her band is better than yours but is far too cool to brag about it. All the indie boys will fall for her.

Luxury Car are from Perth. Radio One, Radio Scotland, Beat 106, Radio Magnetic and others have championed their cause on the strength of early demos alone. The first of these, Out of Focus, won the Radio Scotland Air show vote by 92% and prompted an invite to record some tracks for the Vic Galloway in Scotland show on Radio One, broadcast on March 10th 2005. They’ve already played live with The Delgados, The Bays, The Magnificents, Dirty Hospital, Ballboy and others in addition to their own headline gigs. But really they’re just getting started.

It’s electronic music, but not like you’ve heard for a while. It’s warm, not cold, sexy but not sleazy, poetic but not pretentious. They got here by listening to Joy Division, Low, Pixies, Scott Walker, Talking Heads, Add N to (X), Flaming Lips, Cornelius, Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. They don’t sound like any of these people, but have found some ideas that may surprise you hiding in the gaps between. Lucy 3, a live favourite, may be the first time Kraftwerk have ever played a country and western song.

The Heart of the Matter, though, is their first single. It’s being released on Biphonic Records, the label of acclaimed electronic pop duo Swimmer One. Now they can get on with being your new favourite band.


‘A healthy dose of weirdness and a refreshing lack of disaffected posing’ – Playlouder single of the week

‘Like some old deranged New Order groove when they were still angry and ready for it … a brilliant track. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from this lot.’ – I Really Love Music

‘An impressive live pedigree, plenty of imagination and a clear ear for a sound that could just be set for a comeback’ – Leeds Music Scene

‘They’re unsigned and I’ve no idea why.’ – Vic Galloway, Radio One

‘Luxury Car are great,’ – Jim Gellatly, XFM

‘Treading the line between pop and indie perfectly. Set for bigger stages for sure.’ – Is This Music