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Swimmer One: Come On, Let’s Go!

Swimmer One: Come On, Let’s Go!

Released: Jan 2003

Cat No: BIPH02CD

  1. Come On, Let’s Go!
  2. Lake Tahoe
  3. How Could Something Like That Be Love?

Press release

Come On, Let’s Go! is the second single by Swimmer One. It is the follow up to We Just Make Music For Ourselves, which was released to wide acclaim and extensive radioplay earlier this year.

The single contains 3 new tracks and a film.

Come On, Let’s Go! is a euphoric pop song about the pointlessness of life and the crushing inevitability of death.

Lake Tahoe is a bedtime story for people who work for a living.

How Could Something Like That Be Love is a love song, notable for a guest vocal appearance by Cora Bissett, who has previously performed on records by Arab Strap, Mogwai and AC Acoustics.

The short film, The Unnamable Disco, is by Edinburgh film-maker Daniel Warren, who as part of Brainhole Productions has previously made videos for the bands Aerogramme, Biffy Clyro and Ballboy, amongst others.

The Unnamable Disco, which features music by Swimmer One, was filmed at Dance Base, the Scottish centre for dance, and has been screened at film festivals worldwide. It recently won Best Film award in the open category of Scotland’s Real to Reel film festival.


Intelligent experimental pop with quite lovely melodies. – Scotland On Sunday

A glorious duo who manage to combine the occasional blip, bleep, synth and machine drum with some of the warmest melodies and heartfelt lyrics around… infectious and articulate. – The List

Swimmer One have made a perfect piece of pop with the genius of simplicity and the mass appeal of smooth edges. It has a beautiful video that could make you cry all on its own and is sexier and more poignant than anything I’ve seen on the telly for yonks. – Leeds Music Scene

Swimmer One reminds me of some of the best bits of the 80s indie scene with crooning vocals reminisent of Orange Juice/China Crisis/ abc, the edge and arseiness of The Fall’s playing and all with a sense of humour. nice combination. – Totally Radio

Like Belle and Sebastian twiddling knobs and hanging out with the Pet Shop Boys. perfectly poppy indie electronica with melodies to warm a crooked heart. – Ballroom Favourites

A wonderful way to spend four mins and a very special pop track. – I Really Love Music

The most suave act on the block. Sublime. – IsThisMusic?

A fluffy and fiercely consuming electro pop gem – Losing Today

‘Come On, Let’s Go!” is such a fantastic slice of synthesized pop’ – Delusions Of Adequacy