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Various Artists: Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Whatever Gets You Through The Night. Artwork: Daniel Warren

Released: November 2012

Cat No: BIPH11CD

  1. Withered Hand – A New Case
  2. Swimmer One – All The Things That Make You Want To Disappear
  3. Emma Pollock – Dark Skies
  4. Wounded Knee And Bigg Taj – Live At The Bongo Club
  5. Cora Bissett – If You Dance With The Devil (You Really Can’t Complain)
  6. RM Hubbert – Hanging Pointers
  7. Eugene Kelly – Chips and Cheese
  8. Laura Lewis And The Teadance Orchestra – Once I’d Jumped I Was Fine
  9. Conquering Animal Sound – Ultimate Heat Death Of The Universe
  10. Ricky Ross – The North Star
  11. Meursault – A Kind Of Cure
  12. Seafieldroad – The Palace Of Light
  13. Errors – Embassy Approach
  14. Rachel Sermanni – Lonely Taxi, 2am
  15. Talkingmakesnosense – Set In Negative
  16. Withered Hand – Saint Elmo

Press release

A compilation of 16 new songs, all inspired by the hours between midnight and 4am, by Withered Hand, Errors, Meursault, RM Hubbert, Conquering Animal Sound, Ricky Ross, Emma Pollock, Eugene Kelly, Rachel Sermanni, Wounded Knee and Bigg Taj, Cora Bissett and Talkingmakesnosense, Swimmer One, Seafieldroad and Laura Lewis and the Teadance Orchestra.

The album is also released in the form of a book, containing writing contributed to the theatre show and photography taken during the making of the the album, film and theatre production. The beautifully-designed, 32-page book is the work of Studio LR and is available via

The album release is just one part of a much bigger, ongoing project of the same name, created by theatre director Cora Bissett, playwright David Greig and Swimmer One. Whatever Gets You Through The Night began with a live show at The Arches, Glasgow in June, which sold out completely before its opening night, and got four star reviews in The Guardian, The List, The Scotsman and The Herald.

The film accompanying the project by Daniel Warren also has also been well received, and will tour in 2013 following its premiere at Summerhall during the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The cover image for the album is taken from Daniel’s film.