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Swimmer One

Swimmer One: Dead Orchestras

Swimmer One: Dead Orchestras

There cannot, surely, be many bands who find themselves compared favourably to both Belle and Sebastian and the KLF. Such is the curious fate of Edinburgh’s Swimmer One, whose experimental pop music has proved almost impossible to categorise but whose debut album, The Regional Variations, won rave reviews on its release in 2007.

Swimmer One: The Regional Variations

Swimmer One make intelligent leftfield pop, but not the kind that fits neatly into any box. Think Belle and Sebastian, The KLF, the Associates, The Blue Nile and the Chemical Brothers. Keep thinking and then you’ll arrive where Swimmer One have arrived.

Swimmer One: Come On, Let's Go!

Swimmer One: Come On, Let’s Go!

Come On, Let’s Go! is the second single by Swimmer One. It is the follow up to We Just Make Music For Ourselves, which was released to wide acclaim and extensive radioplay earlier this year. Come On, Let’s Go! is a euphoric pop song about the pointlessness of life and the crushing inevitability of death. Lake Tahoe is a bedtime story for people who work for a living.