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Swimmer One

Swimmer One: Come On, Let’s Go!

Come On, Let’s Go! is the second single by Swimmer One. It is the follow up to We Just Make Music For Ourselves, which was released to wide acclaim and extensive radioplay earlier this year. Come On, Let’s Go! is a euphoric pop song about the pointlessness of life and the crushing inevitability of death. Lake Tahoe is a bedtime story for people who work for a living.

Swimmer One: We Just Make Music For Ourselves

Swimmer One released their debut single, We Just Make Music For Ourselves, as a limited edition on their own label, Biphonic Records. The song was immediately picked up by Radio One DJs Mark Radcliffe, Steve Lamacq, Gill Mills and Vic Galloway, and put the track on the station’s ‘Most Important Releases Of The Week’ list. The single, includes a short film by Edinburgh artist Daniel Warren featuring squash, Scrabble and explicit sex.