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Releases on Biphonic Records

Seafieldroad: Seafieldroad

Biphonic Records is proud to release the second album by Seafieldroad. A collection of eight complex but intimate piano songs, the album – simply called Seafieldroad – is the follow-up to There Are No Maps For This Part Of The City, which was greeted by enthusiastic reviews and widespread radioplay.

Luxury Car: When I Was Good

When I Was Good is a sparse, evocative, elegiac, haunting collection of songs written by John Robertson, and recorded with his brother William Robertson. Think Scott Walker singing Joy Division, Arcade Fire remixed by Boards of Canada, the Blue Nile produced by Mogwai. Uncompromising on all levels, the album is littered with unconventional time signatures, abrasive tonal textures and stark, powerful arrangements with little regard for conventional song structure.

Seafieldroad: There Are No Maps For This Part Of The City

Seafieldroad: There Are No Maps For This Part Of The City

For years now Andrew Eaton, singer with the Scottish band Swimmer One, has been writing music on the piano – delicate, melancholy songs inspired by writers as diverse as Mark Eitzel, Momus, Jane Siberry, and Steve Reich. A few of these – The Dark Ages, The Erskine Bridge, Drowning Nightmare 1, The Fakester Resurrection – evolved into songs for Swimmer One’s first two critically acclaimed albums but until recently most of them stayed in his head.