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Releases on Biphonic Records

Luxury Car: Annie’s Well

Luxury Car are John and Willy Robertson, two brothers from Perth, Scotland; they have been in bands together since they were at school, and took their name from Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo 66. They are, technically, an electronic pop duo; however they don’t sound remotely like the Pet Shop Boys, Soft Cell, Sparks, Erasure, or Goldfrapp. They are not nostalgic for the 1980s, or 1970s Berlin (or 1930s Berlin for that matter).

Luxury Car: The Heart Of The Matter

John sings. He is lanky and awkward, but with the cheeky, wry humour and edgy stage presence of a young Bernard Sumner. With better cheekbones. Willy, his brother, is a big bear of a man who makes beautiful, exciting, unexpected sounds with a theremin and a laptop.

Swimmer One: Come On, Let's Go!

Swimmer One: Come On, Let’s Go!

Come On, Let’s Go! is the second single by Swimmer One. It is the follow up to We Just Make Music For Ourselves, which was released to wide acclaim and extensive radioplay earlier this year. Come On, Let’s Go! is a euphoric pop song about the pointlessness of life and the crushing inevitability of death. Lake Tahoe is a bedtime story for people who work for a living.